Is CrossFit for you?

Some of you have been kind enough to comment that this blog has inspired you to take another look at CrossFit as an option for improving your personal fitness level. Therefore, I thought that I would take this opportunity to share a little bit about CrossFit in general and what you should consider before making the leap.

  1. Finding the right trainer/box. This is critical for making your workouts safe and effective! Because CrossFit is becoming so popular, there are many people jumping into the fray to earn a buck. Research, research, research! Just because a certain CrossFit facility is closest to your house doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s your best choice. Most CrossFit facilities offer a free workout before committing to the program. If you don’t know anybody personally that takes classes there, try out 2 or 3 before committing.
  2. Investment. CrossFit is not cheap. It’s important to be sure that this is something you want to pursue before you hand over your credit card #. I’ll tell you, the money is something that held me back for several months before making the commitment. I decided that I needed to prioritize my health in my budget. I did that last year when I started eating whole, fresh foods instead of processed boxed “foodstuffs”. My grocery bill definitely went up, but I more than compensated with less eating out or bringing home takeout. For a while now, I’ve been looking to carve out a space in my budget for a cleaning service… Let’s just say that I will still be vacuuming, dusting and cleaning my bathroom. That’s the priority. I will also consciously buy less consumables that aren’t absolutely necessary. Hello, Cherry Hill Library, so long Amazon…
  3. Do you want to lift more weights? CrossFit is an excellent choice if you don’t have experience with free weights. (Like me). I have no idea what I’m doing with weight lifting. It’s a wise decision to get into it with people who can help me perfect my form.
  4. Do you need motivation to push yourself harder? Working on my own, I often slacked off and didn’t push myself as hard as I could. CrossFit classes are definitely challenging and I work much harder than I would on my own. Although I have sore muscles after each class, nothing has been debilitating because the coaches help me scale the activities to my level. This is why #1 is so critical!

Well, these are my primary things to think about if you’re considering making the jump to CrossFit. I’ve come across a couple of really good web pages to help you delve deeper. The first is a great overview of what CrossFit is about: Nerd Fitness The second is a great discussion of the Pros and Cons of CrossFit: Wallen Way

I hope you found this information valuable; I’d love to have some fellow MACPs join me on this adventure! Trust me… If I can do it, anybody can! Drop me a line if you decide to give it a go!


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